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You might be searching for Keywords like ClickBank.Com is a Genuine Network or not ? Do they pay on time ? How many Offers they Have ? How is the Tracking ? If ClickBank.Com is a Scam or a Genuine Affiliate Network ? Yes, if you are willing to join ClickBank.Com, this is a right place to get the genuine reviews from real affiliates / publishers from ClickBank.Com. Also share your important feedback if you are a real Publisher of ClickBank.Com.

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Network Name ClickBank
No. of Offers 15,000+
Commission Type CPA, CPL, CPS
Minimum Payout $10
Referral Commission $0.99 Per Sale
Payment Frequency Bi-Weekly, Weekly
Payment Methods Check, Bank Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Tracking Software In House Plateform
Contact Numbers 559-210-0502
Affiliate Managers N/A
Contact Email


Since 1998, ClickBank has helped thousands of people like you make serious money online. If you’ve always wanted to become an Internet entrepreneur but didn’t know how to get started, we have two ways you can earn extra cash as a ClickBank client:
• Create and Sell Your Own Products: If you’re the creative type, you can produce your own digital products like ebooks, software, or themes for social networks and blogs, and have our army of over 110,000 affiliates promote them for you.
• Promote Existing Products: Another great way to start quickly making extra cash is to sign up for free to become a ClickBank affiliate and promote any of the 70,000+ products in our Marketplace, in exchange for a generous commission on any sales (up to 75%!)

We sell over 27,000 products a day for clients all over the world. If you’re a blogger, author, software developer, or just someone who aspires to use your knowledge and skills to make some extra money, visit and get started by signing up for a free account. You’ll be up and running in no time. Be sure to tell your friends about ClickBank – there’s plenty of profit to go around!  

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