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You might be searching for Keywords like Dollarade.Com is a Genuine Network or not ? Do they pay on time ? How many Offers they Have ? How is the Tracking ? If Dollarade.Com is a Scam or a Genuine Affiliate Network ? Yes, if you are willing to join Dollarade.Com, this is a right place to get the genuine reviews from real affiliates / publishers from Dollarade.Com. Also share your important feedback if you are a real Publisher of Dollarade.Com.

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Network Name Dollarade
No. of Offers 750+
Commission Type CPA, Content Locking
Minimum Payout $50
Referral Commission 5%
Payment Frequency Net-15, Net-30
Payment Methods Check, Paypal, Bank Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Tracking Software In House Plateform
Contact Numbers 630-484-4146
Affiliate Managers Jake Schweihs (
Contact Email


Dollarade is an advertising system that benefits everyone. Our advertisers are able to promote their products with ease. Our publishers are able to make the most out of their Flash content with the Dollarade Overlay. And last but not least, viewers are still able to view the content for free while you, the publisher, are earning!
High quality Flash based Overlays to entice your viewers.
Non Intrusive Flash on Flash design.
Internet and Phone Support for advertisers, publishers, and viewers.
Easy to use statistics toolbar and account management.
The best paying and converting offers across the web.

The Dollarade Overlay is the newest, most profitable, and convenient way of advertising video games, music, movies, and any other flash content you can imagine! Once the Dollarade Overlay has been placed on your website, viewers will be required to complete surveys in order to continue using your product. You will earn up to $1.50, or more for every single survey that your viewers complete!
The process is extremely simple. After getting approved by our staff, you can create your own Overlay that will be placed on your websites. The Overlay is highly customizable so you can make sure that it is earning the highest amounts possible.
In addition to being easy to create, the Dollarade Overlay can be placed onto your site with only one line of code which will automatically cover all Flash content on your site. Don’t worry though, you can bypass certain Flash objects if you wish to do so.
After the code has been placed, you can start making money instantly! Log in to your publisher panel to see how much money your Overlay is making. If you have multiple websites that contain Flash content, no problem! You can create multiple Overlays and customize each one to your viewers demands.

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