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You might be searching for Keywords like LimeLightCPA.Com is a Genuine Network or not ? Do they pay on time ? How many Offers they Have ? How is the Tracking ? If LimeLightCPA.Com is a Scam or a Genuine Affiliate Network ? Yes, if you are willing to join LimeLightCPA.Com, this is a right place to get the genuine reviews from real affiliates / publishers from LimeLightCPA.Com. Also share your important feedback if you are a real Publisher of LimeLightCPA.Com.

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Network Name LimeLight CPA
No. of Offers 600+
Commission Type CPA, CPL, CPS
Minimum Payout $20
Referral Commission 3%
Payment Frequency Weekly
Payment Methods Paypal, Bank Wire, Check, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Tracking Software Cake Marketing
Contact Numbers 646-299-1392
Affiliate Managers Sam Melillo (
Contact Email


LimeLightcpa is one of the fastest growing performance-based networks in the digital advertising sector. They work with the most advanced tools in the industry and most experienced administrators in the world. LimeLightcpa specializes in reaching out to target markets and demographics that fit your individualized need. Their strategic digital marketing campaigns will go above and beyond to spark brand awareness and progressively drive revenue growth. They have built their brand based on support and reliability while industry leading administrative professionals establish world renowned credibility and launch Lime Light Systems LLC moving forward towards future success.

Offering exclusive 24/7 customer service and support, LimeLightcpa reps encourage publishers to be successful in maximizing their revenue while having confidence in network reliability. Their leading team of industry professionals are constantly working to provide competitive leading offers through direct response and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) campaigns for numerous reputable brands. They provide options for entry-level and seasoned professionals a like. Through an extensive application process and exclusive approval rate they have built a dependable and effective network. They have a very large variety of offers ranging from Social Media to Dating to Email/Zip Submits to Incentive to Business Opportunities and so much more…
All of the top paying offers speak for themselves!

Why is LimeLightCPA Number One?
· Weekly Payments by Default!
· Cake Marketing Technology!
· Guaranteed Payment!
· First Class Service & Support!
· Revenue Growth is a Guarantee!  

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  1. richi williams April 28, 2012 at 4:41 pm - Reply

    Its a scam, everyone is aware of it too :).. you can read it here at this link too:

    he didnt pay mine out for months, i asked him where my payment was he said what payment lmao! played stupid.. thats because its a one man band and the mans stupid!

    he closes accounts to steal just a few $$ to a few $$$$.

    dont trust him.. if anyone wants his real ip give me a shout!

    check my screenshots of him running away from paying and disabling my account for no reason. the account was fine until i asked for my cash!

    heres the image links:

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  2. richi williams April 28, 2012 at 4:41 pm - Reply

    he doesnt pay via paypal either this is a lie.. his paypal account was banned!

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